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How can I help you?

Manuscript Review

Fiction or nonfiction.  For writers who have completed a manuscript of up to 80,000 words and done initial revisions.  Receive in-line comments, an editorial letter, and a phone call with feedback concerning your work.  We will look at pacing, clarity, dialogue, stakes, world-building, character, cause-and-effect trajectory, and more.   Four to six weeks.  $1700.

Blueprint Your Nonfiction Book

Catch a vision of what your book will be. For writers who are just starting a project or who are mid-book and unsure of their direction. The Blueprint, developed by book coach Jenny Nash of Author Accelerator, takes you through crucial creative decisions to nail your book's point and trajectory, scene by scene. Feedback and next steps provided. Four assignments with deadlines, four 30-minute calls.  Average time for completion is two to four months. $1000.

Nonfiction Book Proposal Coaching

For writers who are ready to pitch to agents and editors.  Receive guidance and feedback on key elements of the book proposal, from audience analysis to comp titles to marketing plan.  Eight deadlines, up to four months to complete.  $1200.


Please send your work in a Microsoft Word document in standard industry format:  


  • numbered pages

  • double spaced

  • 12 point

  • Times New Roman

  • 1 inch margins

  • indented paragraphs

  • begin new chapters 1/3 down the page



First Chapters

Send the first 60 pages of your book for review.  Receive an editorial letter plus in-line comments and suggestions for next steps.  $500.

Accountability Coaching

For writers completing or revising a work in progress.

  • Up to 15 pages twice a month.  Receive email feedback plus two half hour calls.  $250/month.

  • Up to 15 pages once a month.  Receive email feedback plus one half hour call.  $125/month

Query Assistance

For writers who are ready to pitch and want assistance with the query letter. Two revisions, one half-hour call.  $150.

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