How can I help you?


I will do a one-time five page sample edit for free.

Content Editing


Get an evaluation of big picture elements like clarity, point of view, dialogue, pacing, tone, plot, focus , and consistency.  This edit includes a detailed email report pointing out the positives and negatives in the manuscript along with suggestions on how to repair the rough spots.  I encourage you to include an outline or synopsis of five pages or fewer with your submission.  Send sample for pricing.  


Work-in-Progress Coaching


Send sample for pricing on once-a-month consultation and critique.


Tech Help


Advice on Microsoft Word use and formatting, $25 per half hour phone call



Fees are payable by Paypal or check.












Please send your work in a Microsoft Word document in standard industry format:  


  • numbered pages

  • double spaced

  • 12 point

  • Times New Roman

  • 1 inch margins

  • indented paragraphs

  • begin new chapters 1/3 down the page