You finished your book at last.  

But is it ready to meet the world?

Madeleine L'Engle said an artist cannot judge her own                                       work because "we are caught within our own skins."

It's true.  Trying to edit your own book is like hoping                                         to see your face without a mirror.  

An independent editor can help. 


I offer a thorough, friendly, clear-eyed look at your

novel, memoir, or nonfiction book manuscript.  I'll

tell you where your writing strengths are.  And

I'll help you with those passages where readers

might get confused or find their attention wandering.

My goal is to clear away the obstacles and distractions

so that your voice as a writer comes through. 


My editing projects look a lot like my bookshelves.  They include an eclectic mix of genres, though I do admit a fondness for memoir, mystery and young adult.  


I point out what works in your book as well as problem issues like abandoned characters, dangling plot lines, and unfulfilled foreshadowing.  I return the manuscript as an email attachment with editorial suggestions, and also  send overall comments in an email  report.  My go-to reference for copy editing questions is the Chicago Manual of Style.

Get started today with a free five page sample edit.