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Pat Meece Davis, Author,
The Night the Dancing Stopped
Stumbling on Wet Grass
Stumbling through an Unlocked Door

Your edit was excellent!  This is exactly the level of scrutiny that I want.  I want my readers to have a hassle-free reading experience.  I'm so glad I picked up your brochure.

Cathy Bayless Slusser
The Sea Beneath Us

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  What a gift to have your encouragement and wisdom about my book.  You picked up on exactly the places I was uneasy about and offered ways to solve those problems.  I appreciate it very much!!

Danny & Wanda Pelfrey
As a Shield

I thought you would like to know that today we were offered a contract for As a Shield from a small traditional/royalty-paying publisher.  Thank you for all your work to make it possible.  I do appreciate your kind as well as your frank comments. Fiction writing is new for me, and there is no doubt in my mind that having you edit this manuscript was for me the equivalent to taking a college class in fiction writing. You have helped me immensely.

Calley Hood
Out West in the Mountains

Great to work with, fast response time, and keeping the audience in mind through edits.

Robert Michael Hicks
Few Call it War

Carol Crawford did an amazing job in taking chapters written over many years on several different computer systems and putting them together in a fashion that makes the book more readable and shorter.  Great job!

Clara Bitter
Arrogantly Shabby

Thank you sooooooooooo much - your editing really smoothed out the rough spots.

William Rowland,
Unknown No More

I am forever in your debt for providing the kick in the butt I needed.

Cara Percciacanto
Saying Goodbye in Pieces

 I love your balance when it comes to editing/critiquing. You express areas that need to be edited in a friendly manner and also offer insights into how certain parts of the book made you feel as a reader. 

​John Burton

writing student

John C. Campbell Folk School


I needed focus, time and professional advice, and got all three.  Carol was wonderful:  expert, engaging, open, inspiring.  She's legitimate in the trade.

Jody Herpin
Relative Consequences

You are the best.  Thanks so much for your input and insight.  I’m very pleased.   I will refer anyone who needs a fantastic editor to you. 

Steve Webb,
Author and Publisher,
Dixon Creek Publishing
I found Carol's eye for detail in helping me craft my novel thorough, spot-on.  She helped me with everything from verb tenses to point of view and was always supportive along the way, even as I had to rewrite more than once!   I highly recommend her for superb professionalism in any editorial context. 
Glenda Beall
Poet, Teacher, Founder of Writers' Circle Around the Table


Carol Crawford has been my favorite editor long before she created

For twenty years I have depended on her honest but tactful suggestions on how to polish my work and make it ready for submission. It gives me a great sense of confidence to have had her eyes look at my poetry or prose and tell me what she thinks. I highly recommend Carol Crawford as your editor.

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